Four Grissom High Students Earn a Perfect Score on the ACT

Alison Hu, Jack Smalligan, Connor Morgan, and Kevin Yang have something extra to celebrate this summer - each received a perfect 36 on the ACT. The four 11th graders took the exam last month and just found out the news a few days ago. The students were honored at Thursday night’s school board meeting with a resolution.

Grissom High Principal Becky Balentine was thrilled with the news that four students in her school received a 36. She says, “Alison, Jack, Connor, and Kevin are examples of the academic excellence we see at Grissom. It speaks volumes about the commitment of our teachers and staff to the education of our students.”

Jack Smalligan said when he “saw a letter from the central office, I was worried that my score was invalidated.” He was excited that instead it contained the news about getting a 36, adding that “I’m just glad I don’t have to take it again.” Connor Morgan says it’s nice because of “all of the bragging rights and scholarships” that come with the honor. Kevin Yang added that at Grissom we “just have a large body of people who have a passion to do well.” Alison Hu says that is shows that “our teachers have done a very good job at preparing us for college, for school, and beyond.”

A perfect ACT score is rare, with only a small number of students able to achieve a 36 on the test. On average, over 2 million students take the test in a given year and less than 2,900 are able to earn a perfect score. The next highest score of 35 is earned by only an average of 12,000 students.

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