Grissom Volleyball Star Gets Full Academic Scholarship to Notre Dame

Skyler Hamilton, Team Captain for the Grissom Tigers Volleyball Team, will be joining the ranks of the fighting Irish of Notre Dame next fall on a full academic scholarship. Coach Tanya Broadway, along with Skyler’s teammates, family and friends celebrated the news at the school earlier last week. Coach Broadway said that Skyler has excelled at constantly balancing her academics and athletics in school, noting that she has received both academic and athletic scholarship offers from other universities.

"I was so excited," says Skyler, "I was in a stunned shock."  After the shock wore off, she adds, it was a feeling of pure excitement.  Char Hutchinson, Skyler's mother, says that she was so happy and proud that she kept the envelope in her purse to show people.  The scholarship covers all tuition as well as room and board, and Coach Broadway points out that it will cover her for the full four years it will take Skyler to earn her degree.

Skyler is excited about going to Notre Dame in the fall and is looking forward to continuing her studies in chemical engineering while hoping to pursue a career in medicine - possibly with the intent of becoming a plastic surgeon.  Skyler offers the following advice to other students: "Don't listen to what anybody says that's negative.  You need to keep pushing yourself no matter the odds, or no matter your circumstances, because it will pay off in the end."

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